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Cuban Civil Aviation

Cubana Cuban Civil Aviation History

Curtiss Robin The Cuban Civil Aviation Beginnings (1912-1930)
Rubén Urribarres

First steps - Flight of audacious - First Cuban airplane - Tropical Goliath - First fatal accident of the Cuban aviation - The first international flights in America and first contract of mail air United outside of States went toward Cuba - Pan American and Cuba - First flights of Pan American to Cuba - Lindberg in Havana - The main airport, Rancho Boyeros.

Sikorsky S-38 The Rise of CUBANA de Aviacion aircompany(1929-1945)
Rubén Urribarres

Rise of Cubana - The Second World War - Development of the Cuban aviation - What is new in the Cubana Company - World Integration

DC-3 de Cubana The Cuban Civil Aviation at the Post War time (1946-1958)
Rubén Urribarres

Decrees of the Government - New Cuban companies - Cubana, its routes and equipment - The State and the aviation - New equipment and routes of Cubana - The other Cuban airlines- Other events of the decade - International airlines operating since Havana at the 1958.

Il-14 de Cubana The Cuban Civil Aviation after the Revolution of 1959
Rubén Urribarres

New times - The legendaryes Britannia - Cubana, the one airline of the country - Confiscated the airplane of Fidel - Bay of Pigs and Cubana - The new Soviet airplanes - Cuban in the Guiness - The seventies. Toward new continents - New equipment - The routes of the decade - Crime over the sea: The DC-8 exploited in Barbados.

Il-62 de Cubana The Cuban Civil Aviation in the eighties. Consolidation.
Rubén Urribarres

Aerocaribbean - New equipment - New routes of the decade - Mirages against Ilyushin - Changes in the headquarters - The nineties. Again the tourists and the western equipment - New politics - New airplanes - The Concord in Cuba - Dismal find - Black Week of Cubana - The American Embargo "Throwing him to the stars" - Reclamation of flights over United States.

Nuevas rutas de los noventa The Cuban Civil Aviation: New routes of the ninetyes
Rubén Urribarres

Routes of today - Economic Results - Chronology of the Cuban airlines in the history.

Equipamiento, aeropuertos, rutas y colegas The Cuban Civil Aviation: Equipment, airports, routes and colleagues
Rubén Urribarres

Equipment of the Cuban airlines - Airports: 11 international and 11 national - Routes of the Cuban airlines - Airlines with representation in Havana.

Secuestros de aviones The Cuban Civil Aviation: Hijacked airplanes
Rubén Urribarres

Hijacked airplanes from Cuba to the United States before the revolution of 1959 - From Cuba to the United States since 1959 - Hicjacked from United States to Cuba.

Accidentes y terrorismo The Cuban Civil Aviation: Accidents and terrorism
Rubén Urribarres

Accidents and terroristic Acts in the Cuban Civil Aviation, before and after 1959.

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