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Ruben Urribarres

The First World Astronaut Yuri Gagarin with Cuban Pilots Prendes, del Pino and Carreras From left to right, the Bay of Pigs veterans Alvaro Prendes, Rafael del Pino, and Enrique Carreras, with the First World Astronaut, the Major of the Soviet VVS Yuri Gagarin (white uniform), one week after the battles. Havana , April of 1961 (Photo from the book "Proa a la libertad")
Rogelio Acevedo GonzálesGeneral. President of the Cuban Civil Aviation Institute (IACC)
Enrique Carreras RolasDivision General, Bay of Pigs veteran, one of the FAR leaders
Julio Casas RegueiroDivision General, DAAFAR´s Chief in 1980-1987 and 1999-2000
Jaime Gonzáles GrocierCaptain, Pioneer of Cuban Aviacion
Rubén Martínez PuenteBrigade General, DAAFAR's Chief in 1987-1999
Pedro J. Mendiondo GómezBrigade General, DAAFAR's Chief from 2000
Antonio Menéndez PeláezCaptain, organizator of the flights Camaguey-Sevilla and Faro de Colón
Agustín Parlá OrduñaCaptain, Pioneer of Cuban Aviation and the first Cuban Pilot
Rafael del Pino DiazBrigade General, veteran of Bay of Pigs and Angola, in 1987 flee to USA
Alvaro Prendes QuintanaColonel, Bay of Pigs veteran, one of the FAR´s founders
Domingo Rosillo del ToroCuban Aviation Pioneer
Juan Luis Silva TabladaPilot of the Rebeld Air Force and Bay of Pigs
Arnaldo Tamayo MéndezBrigade General, first Cuban and Latin American Astronaut
Mario Torres MenierCaptain, Air Corp´s Chief in 1925-1933

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