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Ruben Urribarres

Cubana The armored equipment in Cuba is a few known theme. Cuba receives its first tanks in 1942 when entering in the war against the Axis, and after the 1959 revolution the Soviet and Czech deliveries of tanks become extensives.

The Cuban armored units fight with success every time in Bay of Pigs, Syrian, Angola, Ethiopia, against enemies as Israel, Sudáfrica and Somalia or the CIA. In Angola the Cuban troops came to have in the first campaign of 1976 some 400 tanks, and in the final campaign of 1988, near 1,000 tanks.

Today Cuba have some 1,600 tanks (1,100 T-55, 400 T-62, 300 T-34-85, 40 IS-2M, 60 PT-76, part of them in conservation), among which the T-62, that was the better tanks of Latin America, until the arrive of Leopard-2 to Chile. They are the strongest and experienced armored forces of America, surpassed only by the United States.

 Marmon Herrington CTMS-1TBI Dutch Three Man
 M3A1 General Stuart
 M4A3 (76)W HVSS General Sherman
 A34 Comet

Enemy Tanks
  M41 Walker Bulldog (CIA backed Brigade 2506, Bay of Pigs)
  Olifant Mk.IA (South african SADF in Angola)
  Eland  (South african SADF in Angola)
  Howitzers G5/G6 (South african SADF in Angola)

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